Saturday, June 09, 2012

My Quilt

I believe I had mentioned that I wasn't stitching and I'm not..... However, I am quilting. I found a block of the month online that I fell in love with and couldn't resist. It is 3 blocks a month for 5 months and July will be the last 3 blocks. I am sewing these by hand only because when I began I didn't have my sewing machines with me. I have them now but it's too late to sew by machine. The quilt is called "Amish With A Twist". The first block I completed is called Rail Fence. My second block is called Four-Patch. The third is Nine-Patch. The block I am currently working on is the Pinwheel. I have the triangles done but just need to put them together. I have alot of blocks left to do but am enjoying this so much!


OctoberLace said...

Nice quilt, Valda. I'd like to do some quilting one day, but for now I've got all I can handle with my knitting and stitching. Theresa

Sunshine said...

I love the Quilt, and your blocks look Great! looking forward to seeing your progress.