Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I stitched!!!

It's been so long since I picked up a needle...................
I just haven't felt like stitching on anything that I have going
right now. I have continued to buy stash but nothing I really
wanted to start. I did go stash shopping at The Silver Needle last
Wednesday and bought 2 new kits, both from Shepherd's Bush, My Mom's
Garden and Soft Spring. I really did want to start the Garden one
but when I pulled everything out, the page with the floss and stitch
glossary was missing. I was real bummed! I called Shepherd's Bush and
spoke to a very nice woman who said she would mail me a copy right out.
I received it today and started it this evening. Such pretty colors!
I'll take a picture tomorrrow and show my progress. Not much to show
right now.


Colleen said...

Can't wait to see your progress...

Helpful Buckeye said...

Good afternoon, Valda,
I noticed that you showed up this week as a follower of my blog, Questions On Dogs and Cats. Let me welcome you to our diverse group of readers! If I may ask, how did you come to know about my blog? I am trying to increase our readership and am appreciative for any new readers.
I do have a couple of connections to what I see and read on your blog. First of all, I pick up a copy of the USA Today every day, no matter where I am. Secondly, I was struck by the picture in your profile--the needlepoint (???) of the cats. I try to accumulate as many photos of dogs and cats as possible for use in my blog--would it be OK with you if I use that picture at some time? Thirdly, my wife and I drive to Pennsylvania from Arizona fairly frequently and always go through Oklahoma on I-40. Your state is interesting to drive through and we enjoy that part of our drive. Fourthly, I have 2 really good friends here in Flagstaff who came here from Stillwater--are you a Sooner or a Cowboy?

Helpful Buckeye
Flagstaff, AZ

TDee said...

Hey! I can't believe your last post was way back in November! I am thrilled you are stitching again. I can't wait to see your progress.


Maggie said...

I just found your blog and i LOE your header lol,
I hope you get your mojo back again soon and start more stitching.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I am glad you are getting back to stitching. I hope you can keep stitching .... can not wait to see your progress pics.


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Anonymous said...

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xo... sarah

Nancy in IL said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Valda! Like you, I go in spurts, but not just in stitching. I'm very irregular when it comes to reading, blogging, posting and reading posts to Yahoo Groups. I love all your stitched pieces! Your blog is delightful!

Shelleen said...

Valda, I can't find your email addy. You wanted a chart on my trade blog and I never got an email from blogger, back in March. Do you still want it? email me needeler @ gmaildotcom without the spaces.

Sandy's Cross Stitch said...

I haven't seen you around much. How are you doing? Have you been stitching? You know stitch is good for your health. it helps your blood pressure stay down.