Monday, February 06, 2006

My Sal progress for January

I am working on two SAL's for a yahoo group IWSAL. We are working on Drawn Thread's "Sanctuary" and Just Nan's "Common Ground". I have loved both of these designs for years and decided that I just had to stitch them. I am loving them both!

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Common Ground
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When I am done with my assignments for the month, I am also working on Bent Creek's "Snapperville". Right now, I am working on the border.

Snapperville border
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I'm going to try to post my progress on all 3 of these every week.


Judith said...

You have some nice progress on all 3 of them Valda. Looking forward to see the progress report.

Nancy in IL said...

Congrats, Valda, on the new blog. I love mine! I also love the stitching you're doing here. I'm also doing Sanctuary on the IWSAL group with you. Still have to get 2nd assignment done before putting my progress on my blog. I love the threads you're using!